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Our Learning
Week of April 16 - April 20
Reading: We will hone in on the goals we set at the beginning of the year as readers.
Social Studies: Our class will learn about immigration as well as economy and consumerism through our Biztown experience on Wednesday, April 18.
Math: We will continue our study of fractions with adding fractions with unlike denominators as well as using other operations with fractions.
Writing: Our class will continue our study of on demand writing by looking at truisms.
Week of April 23 - April 27
Reading: We will hone in on the goals we set at the beginning of the year as readers.
Social Studies: We will do research on the years of 1920-1940 to create a piece of a full fifth grade 20th century timeline.
Math: Our class will continue to work with operations with fractions including mixed numbers and improper fractions.
Writing: We will continue our study of writing with truisms at the helm.

Hopefully Helpful Files

17 - NOMS visit
18 - Biztown field trip
19 - math placement test for middle school is given (there is no study guide or preparation materials for this)
26 - Ellis Island experience; 5th grade tasting night at 6:00

7-11 - state testing (no volunteers)
15 - field day
17 - 5th grade celebration 8:30am
18 - students' last day of school

You can go to www.oldham.kyschools.us to find school dates. From the Goshen homepage, just click on the "Calendar" button on the left (in green) and it will show you upcoming events and dates!!

Social Studies Files

Math Files


Writing Files

General: KY Curriculum documents, Goshen homepage, 2007 KCCT released items, 2004 KCCT released items, TodaysMeet homework questions
Podcasts: Parrott's Podbean PageReading: Scholastic Book WizardMath: A+, funbrain, Super Kids, Online GraphingGames: Sheppard, word study skillbuilders

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